The reason you are alive now

June 26, 2022

The reason you are alive now. We thought today we would explain that reason and why we gave you our program. We used the word now because this is a different time in the history of your world. And many of you have not yet understood the importance of your existence.

We know we are speaking to the correct people, for nothing in your life has been accidental. In hindsight, you only understand the significance of any occurrence in your physical life experience. This time in your world is so meaningful for you because you had something within you that wanted to be born to blossom, but your fear and doubt have held you back, even though you always felt strong evidence of what you could achieve.

You have also suffered many setbacks that you misinterpreted as failures, but they were all character-building, for there was a part of you that knew they would come in handy now if you understood the strength that developed within you.

You also carried too much concern for the opinions of others, and that act in itself caused you to doubt yourself even more, and you continued on a spiral of low self-esteem that you almost wanted to give up. That was not possible, however, because the inner knowing you’ve held said that the time was almost here.

Recently you began to think you didn’t have enough time because of the world’s events, but that is what you wanted. If you were to realize the reason you were born, you would cause the change in those outside events by changing yourself.

Now you know why we gave you the program. When you accept every aspect of yourself, let go of your self-judgment, waste no time with regret, and allow your magnificence to be revealed, finally, you will live the life you only thought possible in movies. We gave you the ability to create the movie you want in your life and that in your world; that is why you are alive now.


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