You couldn’t hear us

June 25, 2022

You couldn’t hear us. It is much like you haven’t been able to listen to yourself as you direct your life now. We have said you were moving through a massive restructuring in your life and world and that we had provided guidance to help you move through this period with greater ease in our program.

Yesterday you saw visible evidence of what we inferred. We said the United States would lead the way in this restructuring, and women would play an integral part as a rebalancing was needed. That would come when each of you decides to believe in yourselves and bring to the world your gifts and talents, which would be an act of adding more light and love to your world.

We told Roger to change the program’s cost this weekend as maybe that would attract more attention, but we wanted you to have more belief.

Two years ago, we gave you several lengthy messages to capture your attention, but we will leave a portion of one here. Then it might be best if Roger speaks on them publicly, for it will foster his belief and others in your world, for as we also said, this period might last for a while, and you should become intimate with yourself, which was the intent of our program.

August 17. 2020 (a portion)
You have lived your lives individually, denying certain aspects of yourselves, therefore cutting yourself off from the available power you might access and utilize. You have either cut off your masculine or feminine energy, but somewhere exists an imbalance.

Then you begin to discover your lack of power in your life to manifest what you desire, and you think some outside forces cause it, so you rail against them.

Then you will blame entire groups of people for your lack of autonomy. You will use ethnicity, social class, gender, or sexuality. We are speaking to all of you, collectively and individually. While this could be a book, we will continue at a later time and provide you with continual guidance.

In the United States, you only gave women the right to vote 100 years ago as you thought maybe you should acknowledge every aspect of your humanity, and you are doing that again now. You will have fun coming to decipher this message and discovering clarity for yourself.


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