You are the one

June 24, 2022

You are the one. Before you were born, you knew that if you were to come to the earth when you did, your sheer presence would cause your world to become better.

There was a gift you had implanted within you that would cause an evolution in your world, and you knew that now would be the best to reveal it to the world.

Also, you agreed to be born of a particular race and ethnicity in a specific place in your world, for you could make the most difference there. During your visit, you even agreed to endure certain hardships and disappointments, for you had a sense they would cause you to be much more empowered now.

The people who came into your life were the ones you allowed to do so, for they were another necessary element in building your character. Many of those people also caused you to experience doubt about who you were, but now you see how valuable that was; for now, you have so much more inner strength.

You had a big vision of what you would do with your life and what you could achieve. And you held this inner knowing that the right time for your creation to be manifested would be when your planet would be moving through a restructuring, providing you with more impetus to manifest the life you wanted.

When you began to see conflict, war, and division in your outer world, you accepted that as a signal that it was time for the genius you held to be injected into the world. Now you allow significant change to flourish and all you had to do to cause all this to occur is decide to love and believe in yourself.

We gave you a tool to use to self-actualize who you were meant to become now and know that you are the one.


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