You must release your old self

June 22, 2022

You must release your old self. We mean both you and your world, for you are moving through a restructuring.

You were born to live a life full of joy, happiness, and abundance. The only reason you would not have those attributes in your life now is if you have disowned a part of yourself or judged yourself in some way that would not have you own your purpose.

Everything we gave you in our work was to help you move through this period, and the person who wanted it the most was Roger. We will provide you with a story, and you will find a part of yourself within his.

We have said Roger has precognitive abilities and is empathic and highly sensitive. There are many others in your world with those qualities, and you refer to them as lightworkers, healers, star seeds, and various other names that Roger would not own.

Then he had a family meeting last night because they are concerned about him, for as we have said, he continually gives away to others and does not take care of himself. But his family also represented a challenge for him to own his gift.

He has had a disconnection from physical and material things, but he must restructure that behavior within himself; otherwise, he cannot help those he knows will want his help moving forward in your world.

Yesterday our live conversation talked about impossibilities, for we knew many of you would find yourself examining your lives and the world and believe they were impossible to change. Then we told him to find the message we gave on this date in 2013 and place it here. As you study this entire message, you will gain clarity to make changes in your life, as will Roger. You will be fine.

June 22, 2013

Every unhappiness you are experiencing in your physical life is your fault. That statement was meant to shock you and get your attention. It is not to assign blame necessarily, but for you to actually accept responsibility.

You may argue that your unhappiness is caused by another, a particular situation, or something that has happened to you. The fact is, no matter what it is, you can change it.

If you continue giving away that responsibility to another, you indeed have no choice or ability to change it. When you accept it as your fault, as it were, now you also regain your power. The choices you currently have are to either change your perception so that you no longer have the feeling of unhappiness or you take some physical actions to change the direction of your very own life experience.

It is also important to remember that in this process, you will continually confront the tendency to shift blame to something else, which will throw you off your desired course of action.


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