You will now have the opportunity to choose

June 21, 2022

You will now have the opportunity to choose. We have said you are moving through a restructuring in your world. But you are also doing so in your life. That is why you desired to be alive at this time in your world.

You are on an evolutionary journey, and you are guiding your path. Your actions, beliefs, and the thoughts you hold will shape your life. But more importantly, you are adding your essence to the collective consciousness, which will manifest the new world you are creating.

You had not necessarily thought of your importance in that manner, but that is also why you have a physical life experience. You wanted to know your power and how much you might manifest in this lifetime.

The conflicts you have witnessed in your world that will continue for a while will provide you with the fertile ground you wanted to plant the seeds of the self you want to become. As groups form in your world, you will gravitate to or create one that will inform your purpose at this time and set the basis for your future life and world.

This message is another leading you to our live conversation later today. Attempt to imagine the life you want and the world you wish to see and place those ideas firmly in your consciousness, as the energy you will feel during this galactic shift will be energized to manifest your desire, for you are that powerful.

With that information in mind, please choose wisely.


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