Your mission is before you

June 19, 2021Your mission is before you. Yes, you have one, and it is the one you agreed to complete during this lifetime, for it would greatly benefit your evolvement and that of your world.

It is not accidental that you are alive during your world’s restructuring because you wanted to contribute and make a difference so you might usher in a new world you would love. The manner you chose to accomplish your goal was to become entirely and ultimately yourself.

You have not accepted yourself to be that essential. We knew that would occur, which is why we provided you with guidance in 2012 as you have not experienced a shift as significant as this one, but it will yield marvelous results when more of you here complete your mission which is to love yourself and accept the gifts you were given. It will require you to release your fear and doubt.

We held our live conversations with you to aid you, and we also said we guided you the year later, for we knew some of you are still reluctant to move, but please be patient with yourself, for you are moving through thousands of years of programming that was limited and restricted.

Your world will take another step in its ascension, as will you this Tuesday when you experience your summer solstice. It will be ripe with the energy to take action. Several just began our program and have made tremendous progress, so now Roger knows he is on his mission and has moved beyond his fear and doubt to be the teacher he could not embrace. But you will embrace your mission with our help and be fine.

June 19, 2013

You decided to come into physical form for the experience. You did not intend to simply sit and try to figure it all out. In other words, you knew that your intention when you decided to have a physical life was to have experiences, for the experiences provide you with the context for that expansion.

Many times you will literally sit in your head and attempt to try and figure it all out instead of having the experiences. When you sit in your head, as it were, you conjure all manner of fear, trepidation, and worry, which ultimately prevents you from having the very experiences you sought.

When you take the time to examine this, you will readily notice how much you do it, and hopefully, this will cause you to shift your behavior into more action so that you might have your experiences. They are indeed fun.

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