The importance of your life

June 18, 2022

The importance of your life. You are alive now because you wanted to evolve and become more. You have always desired to live a life of happiness, abundance, and love. You wanted to experience the importance and significance you held within you, and that is why you chose a period where your world would be restructuring.

Every experience and circumstance you have had was meant to bring you to this moment in your life and world. You wanted to move through every limitation and restriction you have placed upon yourself. When you accomplish your goal, you also change your world.

Your world has shifted into a new trajectory, and the energies have accelerated, and change will occur, but you must decide how you will contribute to your life and that of your world, for they are the same.

The work we gave you in 2012 was for guidance. We called it Your Life Operating Instructions because you and your life are unique, and that is what you intended to embody, for if you do so, you are offering the energy of love. If you deny who you are and what you want to achieve, you deprive yourself of the magnificent life you might have, and the world will not be the one you desired.

None of you know who you will become when you are born, which is why you have guardians, such as your parents, to provide direction. Then you attend school for even more, and many of you have coaches, mentors, and courses you use to gain clarity.

But you also develop the wisdom and knowledge you are meant to give others, for that is the process of evolution. You will find it challenging to accomplish your goal unless you release your self-limiting ideas and beliefs, which is why you and your world wanted restructuring.

The other day we had Roger record a video that none of you have seen because he too had difficulty accepting his importance which is why he is the best guide for many of you. We will leave the recording, and please listen when you have time, for it is twenty-four minutes long.

As you absorb what you hear, you will have more peace and understanding, which is always our intention for the next few months in your world might seem confusing. Still, we know if you let go of your resistance to embracing every aspect of yourself, you will experience a magnificent life and world. You will be fine.

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