Please suspend your disbelief

June 17, 2022

Please suspend your disbelief. The disbelief we refer to is your ability to manifest the life and world you desire. You exist in the world at this extraordinary time because a part of you knew this would be the most pivotal time in your life and your world. You had gifts to offer, and they have all been within you, but your disbelief in yourself has been greater than your belief.

You agreed to be alive now during this restructuring. The reason we used the word please is that we know if you decide to believe in yourself and harness more of your innate abilities and talents, not only do you manifest the life you wanted but also that of your world. We wanted your energy to become stronger, for we knew it would be one of love and creation, then that cooperative world you imagined would manifest.

We provided guidance in 2012, and many of you, including Roger, found that difficult to believe. None of you believe fully in your gifts until you become willing to embrace them.

Yesterday in one of the weekly group meetings with six members in the program, he could no longer hold that disbelief, for he witnessed the results in the individuals, and the strength they will develop together will aid them in manifesting the lives they want.

We said we kept going into 2013 because we felt your resistance to self-belief. We will place the message we gave you on this calendar date in 2013. It will make sense to you because during the meeting yesterday, Roger found a solution, and it was one he offered to the group.

We have said a significant portion of this restructuring will be a redistribution of wealth and income in your world, and you are meant to have more now, and you will do it together. Roger told the members they could participate in the income of whomever they might bring to the program. They each found a way of prospering while pursuing their dreams. Study this message with your life, and you will find your solution. You will be fine.

June 17, 2013

There is always a solution available. This is the most critical state of mind or thinking for you to hold when you face anything in your physical life experience that initially presents as a problem or challenge.

You never intended to struggle during your physical life, and you knew before you came onto the physical plane that you did not have to struggle because the solution was available. You also knew that you intended to expand, and the very way you expand is to allow the solution to appear or be made available.

The difficulty you have is when you decide that there is no solution, which becomes your personal reality. Nothing is more important for you to keep in mind than you are always creating your reality. Look at all other souls and recognize this is what each of you is doing. You have the power to create yours in a manner that pleases you. Nothing less.


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