You had one goal

June 16, 2022

You had one goal. The goal that you had was the same as every other person. When you consider that, you will also understand the importance of fulfilling your one dream. When you do so, the restructuring of your life and world will be successful.

You have moved into a new phase of the current transition in your life, and the occurrences in your world will move you closer to your goal. That goal is also the same one we have always spoken of; it was our only intention and the purpose we wanted you to achieve through our work.

We had said that the greatest influence in this particular shift of your world would occur in the United States.
They have created the most significant influence on the creation of your world. They have also held the most contradictions as you have carried within yourself.

Yesterday we encouraged Roger to move closer to the expression of the one goal he recognized for himself, which he gained through our work. He recorded a video we would like more to see when it is released later, for he decided to tell his story and that of our work and why it would matter in your life and world now.

Your only goal and the biggest irony of your life is your only goal was to become yourself. Roger found himself saying he had no fear during the recording. He said that because he now knows when you reach the place of authenticity within yourself, it is impossible to experience fear. For you have touched your eternal nature, you wanted to be alive now to know more of it and add your essence to the collective consciousness.

When you contemplate this message, you will understand why the act you becoming yourself is so essential. You then provide an example for others and no longer need anything from your outside world, which means you love yourself and all others, and you accomplish the goal you held for your life.

You will now understand why we were so passionate about more of you accomplishing your goal, for you will energetically change your world’s trajectory. Eventually, you have no more wars within yourself, which is also your world. You will be fine.


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