Trust yourself even more

June 15, 2022

Trust yourself even more. You come to the world to fulfill a mission that includes your evolution and that of your world. You exist at this time to direct your life forward in a powerful way that adds to the collective consciousness that will manifest your future world.

Your trust has not been as strong as it might be due to the nature of the experiences in your world none of you have known. But we provided guidance, and the trust in us many of you held was not what it could have been, and that is because Roger needed to have it first, just as you must develop trust in yourself because you intended to use it now. We only help.

We will leave the message we gave you on this calendar date in 2013, for we knew where you would be today. Your level of trust will become apparent by how much you accept this message, for you will need to suspend some of your disbelief to traverse the next part of your life journey.

June 15, 2013

You always establish your self-worth while in physical form. You know much of this information but have been unwilling to examine it consciously. There are many ways you establish that self-worth, and an important one for you has been what you are willing to accept.

You have accepted less than you desire because, on some level, your recent experience of your self-worth told you that you did not deserve more. This has been an ongoing theme for you; it becomes easy to know when you have made that choice because you will experience some upset, depression, or sadness and find yourself attempting to shift blame for your feelings to another or a particular situation.

The fact remains that it was all your choice. When you recognize this, you also acknowledge your power to change it. The only reason you would not change it is because of some fear you are holding. That is your choice as well.

Now you would do well to examine what you accept and do so to increase your self-worth.


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