You hold the solution

June 14, 2022

You hold the solution. The solution we mean is to heal and direct your life and world. That is why you are alive now during this restructuring.

You are provided everything you needed at birth to accomplish your task, but you do not remember that, which is why you have come to fear the unknown.

You were born with equal power and ability as all others, but it is up to you how much you decide to accept and utilize. Your life has given you all the clues of what it was you were to do because it was different and new, and that is what you wanted to contribute, but your lack of belief and trust in yourself has held you back, but that is also why you wanted to be here now.

We have said you are moving through a significant restructuring of your world, meaning it is something none of you have experienced. We wanted you to appreciate the enormity of this time, for you are shaping a new world, and you are the ones doing it.

You add your essence by deciding to own your worth and value, which injects the energy of love into the collective consciousness. When you doubt yourself, are not being authentic, or any other behavior that causes you to feel less than magnificent, you are contributing dense and heavy energy into that unconscious, and you continue your struggle and that in your world.

Everything we have given you was to encourage more belief and trust. We had done that through Roger as he, too, needed confirmation. He knows that we have provided a solution that would aid you all, but it was challenging for him to accept that he was the one to receive something of this value, but he was just as you were. He knew he was meant to teach others, but as we pointed out in 2005, he dismissed that as you have rejected your worthiness. That is why we gave you our program.

But that too was a step too far in the consciousness of many of you. We knew that, so we said we continued our guidance into 2013, for humans do not change or move quickly, but now you can. We planned this exposure on this day, for it is astrologically and galactically charged for providing you with momentum for change.

We gave you the best advice, which we will post here, and this is also why we wanted more of you to embody this message, as it will serve you well over the next several weeks in your world. More will be revealed to you all, and there will be many disillusioned by what they discover, and you would do well to offer compassion and understanding rather than judgment. Yes, Roger hears us clearly, and he is the one who must embrace this message wholly.

June 14, 2013

Be you. When you hear those two words, your intellectual thinking will tell you that you can’t do anything else; however, you have spent much of your physical life experience attempting to do quite the opposite.

You have done this because you began to think that if you entirely acted like you, in some manner, it might harm another. That is not possible, as well as being quite the opposite in Ultimate Reality. When you first connect to your true benevolent nature and act from that place, you are being sincere and authentic, and that behavior helps you and all others.

You can’t expand without the goal of being more you continually, and your willingness to be honest and authentic paves the path to that goal.


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