Your money problem

June 13, 2022

Your money problem. Today we will speak of money as it relates to your life and the world. We have said you are moving through a restructuring, and everything will become different, including how your society utilizes money globally.

There has been a significant imbalance, and a more balanced approach was necessary for evolution to continue on a grander scale. You will witness many of those changes very soon, which could cause you to panic. Please remember that money is merely energy, as are all things of a physical or material nature, meaning you have control over them all.

How you have used money is specific to you. Some of you have used it to cause yourself to feel more than others, and others have used it to cause you to feel less. Regardless of what you might have done, it is a part of your evolutionary journey.

Finally, you come to understand that there is no lack of money anywhere in your world, but it is how you have used the energy of money in your life and world.

Roger received a message yesterday that accused him of only wanting the money for his program. He defensively reacted because it touched on something that has been a part of his evolutionary journey for longer than he knows.

Roger’s main concern his entire life has been what he might provide for others, and he left himself out. If you are to read his biography, that fact is evident. He would leave positions if he felt the business did not deliver the best service. He has done that several times and had no monetary backup every time.

He did this because he intuitively knew there was a place to be where he might make a more significant difference. But he doubted and feared what was natural to him, and that was us.

You each have an intuitive side, and some of you also know you have guides, but when you don’t embrace that recognition, you are not recognizing yourself and are not being your authentic self which is why we held the live conversation yesterday.

Roger reached the place where he recognized what was contained in the program and that it would make an enormous difference to whoever utilized it. He also realized what he’d done many times. And that is not owning the value of who he is, his experience, and the accumulated wisdom.

But when you judge yourself and your gift, you do not allow money flow to come to you. Roger’s anger and defensiveness were due to that recognition, and it is what he must change through this restructuring, and there will be something within you to change as well. You will be fine.


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