You have been hiding something

June 12. 2022

We had Roger find a message we gave him in 2008, which was never made public as he has hidden his gift as you have been hiding yours. But it was all purposeful because you wanted to awaken now, for then you will aid in the restructuring of your world.

We wanted you to believe in yourself. You are moving through a time in your life and the world you have never done. But you wanted to be alive now to evolve. You stumbled upon us through Roger, for it was a part of your evolutionary journey. How much of this you decide to accept as accurate is up to you.

But we did provide you with guidance through this part of your journey.

After the live conversation today, you can decide the guidance you will follow, as that is also wisdom.

December 31, 2008
There is nothing you do not know, only that which you have temporarily forgotten. When you came onto the physical plane, your intention and desire were to continually evolve, expand and grow in awareness.

The only way you could accomplish this was not to know what you were capable of achieving. You knew that what you achieved would always awaken that remembrance and add to your very own evolvement and all others. Anything that you put your focused attention to grows exponentially.

When you fear taking a risk, you have forgotten that you can never fail, which is merely human perception. When you seek safety in the known, you have forgotten you desired to explore the unknown, for this holds all the promise you desired. Your birthright is your connection to Source or all that is and always will be.

June 12, 2012

The outcome of anything you attempt to do, be, have, or accomplish is none of your business. In other words, if you hold a specific outcome in mind as you move forward with your efforts, you may also inadvertently block the greater good the Universe has in store for you.

It is always the process itself that is more important, for it is only during the process that you experience any manner of expansion that you desire.

It would be helpful to keep in mind that you are always operating from a limited awareness, for it is only in this way that you can experience greater expansion and know that is what you have accomplish.


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