Please accept your gift

June 11, 2022

Please accept your gift. The gift of which we speak is you. You came into the world to evolve and become more, and you did so to add to the restructuring of your world.

You might think the occurrences in your life and world are accidental, yet they are not. The planetary shift you are experiencing is what you wanted, for you knew it would cause you to believe in yourself and your importance in the world.

When you move into complete self-acceptance, the gift of who you are is revealed. We have provided you with guidance we sent to Roger in 2012. You all have had difficulty accepting that premise, including Roger. But today, we told him to find the message we gave you on this calendar day and place it here.

We asked him not to read it first, which also causes him to accept his gift. It will make sense to you all why we advised him to change the price of our program, for we want all of you to experience greater abundance, for that is a part of the restructuring you meant to implement in your world and your life.

June 11, 2012

Abundance is an illusion. That statement was meant to grab your attention so that you might think of the entire idea of abundance differently.

First, you mainly think of abundance concerning something physical. Secondly, you usually only ever think of this abundance when you are personally experiencing some particular lack.

In other words, none of it is real. There is never a lack of anything, so then abundance is completely natural, and you only use the experience of lack of abundance as a means to cause you to expand in some way.

When you begin to accept that abundance is natural, you will have little need to think of it.


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