You Had One Goal This Lifetime

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January 7, 2022
You had one goal this lifetime. That one goal was to come to love yourself, and you picked this time in human history for you knew it would offer you the most incredible opportunity to develop your magnificence further. Those words may not make sense to some of you, but to others, they resonate, and you begin to understand your recent memories.

You have discovered things in your life that you thought you had put away or left unfinished that are popping up for you now, which is what you intended. We can say these things, for we know your life journey, and it has always been lovingly directed, which is why you find yourself reading our words at this time.

The division you are witnessing in your world provides you with the opportunity to choose who you want to be, as we told you months ago, was rapidly approaching. We told Roger to make the focus of our talk tomorrow on how you can stay calm during the chaos, for you will witness more for a while.
You have feared the unknown as an individual, which translates into the collective energy your world carries now, and that can lead to conflict and anger because you don’t want to change. You find that challenging at this point because you thought the world might be falling apart, but it was waiting for you to cause it to change and move in a new direction.

More of this will make sense tomorrow, and you will begin to understand your importance and the one goal you had. You have used every moment of fear and doubt you experienced in your life that you have moved through to allow you to love yourself. But you might have failed to notice you have done that and how valuable you are now.

Our work, our philosophy, has always had one goal: to use it as a tool so you come to recognize your brilliance. Roger only understood that ultimately last Sunday when one participant said twice at the end, “I like myself.” Your goal in this life was to come to say those words, believe them, and change your world, for that occurs when more of you love yourselves, and now you know our mission, and you all will be fine.power, and we will help with our live conversation, and you all will be fine.


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