The time has come

June 8, 2022

The time has come. Please only read this message when you have time to absorb its meaning, as it will be somewhat lengthy. We give you this forewarning, for we recognize how many of you are rushing around distracted by the events in your world and seeking comfort and understanding even though we have provided it for decades.

You each come to the world to fulfill your evolutionary journey, and it is different for each of you. But you share a common trait of lack of trust in who you are and the condition of your world. We have said that nothing would be the same due to this restructuring, but not all will understand or change, so we gave your Roger as a guide.

But he had to move through his doubt which we broke even further last night. We had him send a broadcast called “The secret of my success.” He needed to be more vulnerable, as will you all. Before he went to bed, we had him transcribe a message from 1989, which we will leave here along with the message we gave you on this calendar date in 2013. We have used dates throughout our communications because humans need linear time to make sense of things. Roger does not, which has been his challenge.

Your world will be moving through more dramatic changes that might give you pause, but as we have said, if you embody yourself more, you will move through your transition with greater ease which was the intent of our program. 

You each have ways of holding yourselves back, and we even had Roger download a channeling session last night from 2021 where we mentioned this. Roger’s manner of holding back has been with money, and he will need to move through that resistance to be of more extraordinary service, and he will need to do that now. He has known that operating in the physical world, humans will value money, and he put himself in lack by not honoring his value and charging enough for our work to sustain himself.

But he also knows that beginning tomorrow, your world will need more help, and he can no longer hold himself back. And we wanted each of you to decide who you will follow, for you will follow someone, so we are pulling out the stops. 

We will place the following messages together, and if you find resonance, you will want to work with us or continue your own frenzy. Regardless of your decision, you will be fine. 

June 1, 1989
You have indeed accomplished a great deal, and now it would be wise to start to take a more than calm approach to setting and achieving your desired goals. 

There is a danger that comes with new information of wanting the self to simulate an act upon this information with clarity and resolve that might not have had enough time to activate at the cellular level, so to speak.

In other words, your behavior may offer you more opportunities to go even deeper in your self-discovery. If your ideas about the results are on some sort of timetable, you could hinder your access to more information and thus your accelerated growth.

This would also be an excellent time to start developing the ability to focus your energies in the present moment. This is surely a concept you have been aware of but, up to this point, have not slowed down quite enough to truly experience the kind of freedom you might experience with being totally involved with what you are experiencing rather than what the results might be. Deserve and Preserve

June 8, 2013

While you understand that the most effective way to experience a happy and fulfilled physical life experience is living in the present moment, you have not recognized that you find that difficult to accomplish many times. You have yet to become comfortable with those periods of not knowing. Not knowing refers to anything about your future experiences that are yet to occur. When you are uncomfortable with those periods, you still lack trust in the integrity of your experience.

You can often alleviate those periods of not knowing by asking questions, but you usually fail to ask the questions because your lack of that trust even fears hearing the answers. All of this is intimately connected with long-held feelings of insecurity. Then again, that insecurity is based on not trusting the integrity of your life experience.

Now you better understand what you are up to accomplishing to be able to live in that sought after here and now.


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