You were meant to awaken now

June 7, 2022

You were meant to awaken now. You each come to the world intending to evolve, and you do so at a time in your physical world when it would best serve your evolvement and the world, and that time is now. 

Your role is essential, and it only requires you to become willing to embody yourself fully. Everything we have given you is to that end. But you have not accepted your importance like Roger.

The restructuring of our world is now at an accelerated pace. We will leave a message provided years ago that you would do well to embrace now. 

August 31, 2015

Playing small does not serve you, your intention, or your world. It was always your intention during your physical life experience to continually expand, contribute to all that is, and have your legacy known. Those thoughts are often overwhelming to you as they “should” be because then you know you are up to doing something important.

Many of your great leaders had doubts and had no idea what they might accomplish before they began, and you are no different. You would do well to hold the loftiest of ideas of what you might achieve, and the biggest would be that you can save the world. When you accept this, you also imbue others with the same idea, and what a difference that makes.


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