Honesty is more valuable

June 9, 2022

Honesty is more valuable. You are born into the world to evolve and become the most you could be. You wanted to experience everything that life had to offer. Then you try to find the perfect way for you to accomplish your goal.

Along the way, you might find yourself not experiencing what you thought you would, or you hit what feels like a roadblock on your path. You can then attempt to ignore that it exists and continue to suffer. Or you can take an honest assessment and decide to change. 

You exist in the world now during this restructuring of your world, so you might notice your roadblocks, become honest, and take responsibility for them because then you have access to the innate power to create the life you want and the world you want to see. 

You are born with equal power and ability, but you have restrictions and limitations that exist within you, and that is what you want to change. You cannot do that if you don’t acknowledge where you disowned or ignored your ability. 

Your world is entering a new phase of its restructuring, and it is the time when the energy of you embracing your authentic self is needed. You will now know why we titled the live conversation on Monday the way we did. 

Roger knew what was coming and how important it would be for each of you to become more empowered and shine your love and light into the world, but he had to move through his restriction, which was not being his fully authentic self. 

The physical world, which many will hear now referred to as third dimensional, is what is changing, and that is why you are here. As we have said, you wanted to ascend, but resistance to change and not to take responsibility for your previous actions are the things that hold back your progression and that of your world.

You will see more division in the outside world, but it is merely to cause unity and wholeness within you, for you are essential in healing your life and world. 

Roger recognized that his limitation had not allowed him to make the most significant difference because humans perceive value in material things, and he did not. Still, now he must change his limited thinking as you are meant to do to fulfill your job for yourself and the world. 


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