Please do your job

June 6, 2022

Please do your job. Your job is to become ultimately and authentically yourself. If more of you had done that, there would have been no need for your restructuring or your world. 

If you are doing your job, you are experiencing a physical life of bliss, happiness, and unlimited abundance. If you are not experiencing those elements in your life now, a part of you is reluctant or resistant to self-acceptance. 

Of course, we will use Roger as an example, for he chose to be a leader and teacher and has not been doing his job entirely, as we have mentioned many times over the decades. But he, like you, must move through his resistance, and this restructuring aids him immensely. 

Roger has known of his ability to receive and interpret information that would be helpful for others during their progression through this physical life journey. 

Everything we gave you in 2012 referred to your physical life journey to alert many of you who seem not to notice that you don’t live in physical form forever but experience this life so that you might expand your soul, and that is what creates your world as you are doing now. 

The future formation of your world depends on what you do now, and that is something Roger had known long before we gave you our work. But he has held himself back in various ways, and they include not owning his worth which he knows how it is perceived in the physical world. Another way is allowing what others may think to halt his experience of who he is. Then the recognition and acknowledgment of that have him experience guilt. 

We will leave a message from the work we gave you in 2012. We said it would help you move through this time, and now it will aid all of you and Roger. Give yourself enough time to absorb this message, as it will be beneficial over the next several months in your life and world. 

January 19, 2012

Every soul comes to the physical plane with their own agenda, including you. You intended to always attend to your agenda, and if that agenda includes others, you will always know what actions and decisions you will make that affect your agenda and theirs.

This becomes tricky for you at times because you have let artificial guilt enter the picture. Guilt that is artificial means that it serves no purpose in your expansion or that of another. You will, at times, find yourself holding back your own progress, for you feel guilty that
doing so will hinder the progress of another. Seek to know your agenda during this lifetime.


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