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June 5, 2022

Create the new life you want. You each can do so. And it is also why you desired to be in the world now during this restructuring. Whatever belief you may hold about the events of your world, they are occurring for you to begin to believe in yourself and your innate ability to create. 

Today we will use Roger as an example. Yesterday he downloaded a recording of a live conversation we held in Oct. of 2021, and he heard advice we gave then that explained more of what was happening with the transition of the world. His lack of belief in himself has blocked his innate gift, and you might have done with yours.

When he recognized and accepted his gift of receiving information and interpreting it in a manner that has aided him, he also knew he could be of more significant benefit to others. Only if he changed his direction, and as he has done many times in his life, he used money as the motivating factor to look deeper. Money or anything of a physical nature never establishes your worth and value. You do that. 

Then we told him to look for the message we gave you on this date in 2013. These exercises cause him to develop more belief in his ability, and we hope it serves as an example for you. Whatever you are faced with now in your life is what you want to experience, for it will enable the transformation in your life and aid your world if you decide to move over any challenge. Roger must do that now. 

June 5, 2013

There is indeed an integrity that operates throughout your physical life experience. While you would do well to study the meaning of the word integrity, it is also essential to understand that there is no implication of right or wrong as it is being used here.

You can think of it more as a force that stays true to itself. In other words, you have set forth certain goals of who you desire to be, do, or accomplish in this lifetime, and the force of that integrity in your life will bring along all the situations, circumstances, and people that will help you achieve all of it.

This is not a static thing, meaning that it can change at any moment as your ideas about your goals change. The point here is to know you are always utilizing that force of integrity in your life, and it is very powerful.


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