You must change first

June 4, 2022 Y

You must change first. We are stating it in this manner as we would like you to remember you are on an evolutionary journey, and you chose to take your journey during a restructuring of your world.

This message is a bit long and the most important one you will receive if you accept, but it is uncomfortable for Roger. 

You are here because you wanted to change and evolve immensely, and the challenges of this time are facilitating that change, and it is uncomfortable for you and what you wanted. Those words might not make sense to you now, but they will soon, and that is when you must remember you are doing this for yourself and your world. 

You have a generational struggle and your personal one. When you begin to understand how to align the two, you will better understand your purpose in this lifetime. We know that some of this might not be apparent, but that is the point of this message. You will move through things you have not experienced, and Roger knows this but has not allowed himself to change, which holds back his intended goal in this lifetime.

You each have patterns of behavior that you have desired to shed as those behaviors hold back your evolution and that of your world. Roger has known of his ability to receive and translate information but could not understand how he had done so and could not fully embrace his power and role. 

His desire to help others was also his resistance to being of help to himself. It has been a lifelong pattern, and his individual restructuring will include changing that behavior, so he might help himself as you are meant to do the same. Roger spent his entire day yesterday attempting to have more of you enroll in our program while knowing that many of you would not hear us, and then he could stay small as some of you have done. 

Roger has used money to hold himself back in very clever ways. First, by not owning his worth and charging enough, and then attempting to take care of others before himself, serving no one, especially himself. He was advised more than two years ago to stop trading his time for money, but he didn’t want to change, and many of you have not wanted to, but this next period in your life and world will require you to do so, but please remember it is also what you wanted. 

To illustrate our point, we will leave a message we gave you on this date in 2013. We knew where you would be, which seemed unbelievable to Roger and you. But if you decide to move beyond your limited awareness and accept things about yourself and your world that will soon be revealed that you never imagined, you will have an easier time. 

As we give you this message, please note that Roger looks at it and wonders where it came from and thought it could not have possibly been him, and that is some of the thinking you have held, and these challenging times will aid you in expanding your consciousness. 

June 4, 2013

Your ultimate goal in this lifetime is to become defenseless. This is another way of looking at expansion, evolving, or becoming an actualized being.

An actualized being has come to know that there is no aspect of their being, including their past actions, conditions, or any occurrences requiring any defense. Because they were all an integral and essential part of their journey to being actualized, or fully enlightened, as you may think of it.

The key for you now is that when you begin to notice yourself defending something, or anything at all about you, it is an indication of your own lack of self-acceptance, and you have yet to arrive at the wisdom you seek to know the perfection of you and your physical life journey.


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