You wanted to define perfect now

June 1, 2022

You wanted to define perfect now. One of the reasons you desired to experience a restructuring is so you could understand how you have used your definition of the word perfect against yourself and the world. 

We recognize you might still find it challenging to believe there is a divine plan for your life and world, yet there is, and we were ahead of you. We gave you a program, and then we provided support. 

Please consider how you might have thought of yourself and others as you contemplate the message we gave you in 2013. Then examine your life and world and attempt to pinpoint the usage that has led to your internal conflict and the exterior one in your world. 

Roger still finds this surprising as you will find what you discover about yourself that you doubted existed. You’ll also know why we gave you a tool to use. We wanted to encourage healing and unity within both you and the world. 

June 1, 2013

You would do well to attempt to understand the different meanings of the word perfect, how you have used it in your life, and how it is used in your physical existence.

You were indeed born perfect; therefore, your physical aspects are all perfect because every part of you is used on your physical life journey to help you expand. This means every part of you, your appearance, your family, and the circumstances into which you were born all provided that framework.

As you move through your life, you begin to make up your own ideas of what you think you should do to be perfect. And that is where you run into difficulties, so to speak. You only ever experience self-judgment because you attempt to live up to those made-up ideas. Now you can begin to change this.


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