You might not know why you are here

May 22, 2022

You might not know why you’re here. We mean on the earth on this planet in this particular lifetime when we say here. You are here to make a difference. 

You are the only one who can offer the difference that you could make, and it requires you to decide to own who you are, love who you are, let go of your judgments and flourish.  

A recording from Aug, 2021 that will help.

We understand the level of fear in your world, but it was also necessary. While that may not make sense to you, it will today as we advised Roger to do another live channeling session as it will explain so much more about the next part of your journey and that of your world.  

The potential you hold is enormous, and many of you have turned a blind eye because of the disbelief within you. The capability that you hold is enormous. There are no exceptions to that, except when you decide to make yourself the exception.  

All the contradictions that exist within you exist in your world. As you heal your contradictions, you will see that manifest in the world, which is why you are here.


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