You must change

May 23, 2022

You must change. We have said you and your world are moving through a restructuring, and nothing you knew before will remain the same. But you might be attempting to hold on to your old self just as Roger has been. 

Roger became quite aware some time ago of the changes occurring in your world and where he might be of the most significant help, but he too has resisted. When you fight against who you are meant to be, you will experience the ramifications in your physical world. 

You each will experience unknown aspects of yourself because you are ascending to new levels of being, as is your world. Attempting to hold on to an old identity will cause you to make this passage more challenging for yourself. 

Roger attempted to tell others of our work, but not all will understand what is occurring in your world now. He continually puts forth his effort as he has always done but usually to the detriment of himself. But then we told him this morning to continue as more will appreciate our words and his eventually.

He received an email this morning that thanked him for all the recent emails, and the person said the last one gave them pause, and that was asking the question, “who do you want to become”? That is the question you each will ask yourself now and especially Roger. 

During this restructuring, you are asked to embody who you feel you are meant to be, and it will be enjoyable if you decide to love yourself at this time. And while you might think that is a form of selfishness, it is what you and your world require now, for that is why you were born. You will be fine. 


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