Please stop fighting yourself

May 21. 2022

Please stop fighting yourself. That title is one we have given Roger many times over the years because he has fought against himself endlessly. You might have done the same. And you may be doing it a bit more now due to the restructuring of your world and the restructuring that was meant to occur within you.

You come into the world to offer a gift, and at times you resist that because you have labeled your particular contribution as something not worthy, strange, or different, and Roger has done that, so he is the best example for all of you. 

We have said you were moving through a restructuring, and nothing you knew would be the same. You will not be the same, and you are being asked to become more. And to become more, you must also become willing to move into the unknown, which you have become fearful of as Roger has. 

Even though we have given Roger much of this over the years, his resistance has kept him from receiving it and delivering it to each of you. The other day we sat him down to listen to a recording of a live session we had given some time ago that he had not heard. He resists seeing what is there; however, he listened to what we wanted you all to hear about this time in your world. Here is that recording.

You exist in the world now to offer significant change, and the change must happen first within you. When you don’t understand your importance, it’s challenging for you to provide your essence to this movement in your world. When Roger saw what we had given him and started to put everything together, he knew that the program would help the world. However, he did the same thing he has always done. He discounted what he had, and he thought if he lowered the price, maybe more of you would be tempted to move.

That never works, which we have told him. Yesterday, we also had someone else say he could receive so much more and make a more significant impact if he charged more than he’s doing. Roger can do that too, but that has been his struggle. He wants to do so much for others, except he harms himself in that effort. 

As we have said, this restructuring is in all areas, especially wealth and income inequality. As humans, you have placed far more value on material things than on yourself. This particular restructuring requires more of you to own your worth and value which we have been attempting to get Roger to understand. But he, like you, resists that unknown because you have become accustomed to certainty. Certainty is never what you wanted. You wanted to become more, and it’s challenging as it has been for Roger. We have told him to change. 

Whenever you find yourself struggling in your life financially, emotionally, or spiritually, it is because you are fighting against yourself. We advised Roger to change the wording on our program so more of you would understand the intention, but the person that we need to understand the words we gave him is Roger. You will be fine. 


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