You will doubt yourself less

May 20, 2022

You will doubt yourself less. We won’t say that your doubt we’ll go away, for as we told you in “Your Life Operating Instructions,” you will always have self-doubt, and if you use it wisely, it helps you in your goal of expansion.  

We are dictating the message today as Roger is still in shock as he had a bit of his self-discovery last night. You each doubt yourselves to such great degrees that you have held yourself back, and it is caused the current conditions in your world to exist. We know that may not make sense to you now, but we do have something for you that will explain it. 

We had Roger find a recording of a live session we held in August of 2021 that he had not listened to and had not published. So no one has seen it, and it explains what is happening in your world now and what is happening to you. And it provides you with much more hope and understanding.

We will have him place that recording on the YouTube channel later today. And we also advised him to have as many people as possible listen to it because it will make a difference in your world. We want it to go viral; we want more and more to hear it. There’s an acceleration of energy in your world currently, and the more of you who understand what we told you in this recording, it will not only make a big difference in your life but in the world.  

You will also understand our philosophy and what is in our program, why it works, and why Roger received it. Please listen to the video when it is there and give yourself the time needed to absorb the information and wisdom we provided.  

And finally, we want to point out something else that many of you might experience as Roger is now. His first instinct was not to share the video because it might give him too much notoriety, and he would have to live up to an imagined image he had made up. But the other part of him knew that he had to risk that possibility and help more people, for he knew it would do that as well.


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