We wanted you here

May 19. 2022

We wanted you here. When we use the word here, we mean it in various ways. The first way is this exact date in your life and your world. You are all moving through a grand restructuring. We gave you the information in 2012 to help you move through this.  

And we recognize that many of you find that challenging to believe. Still, it will become more vital for you to release a bit of your disbelief as you and your world will not be the same. You will not return to what you have thought of as normal.

We are giving you help and guidance, which has always been our intention.  Many of you have lived lives of less than what you desired, and now is the time you meant to change that.

We gave you the following message on this date in 2013, for as we said, we knew you would not be complete yet with our other work. Still, now many of you are ready to hear and utilize the message we provided. 

May 19, 2013

You can’t be partially authentic. A few definitions here will help you better understand this message.

Authenticity means that you become willing to own, acknowledge, and accept every part of you as being perfect. This includes everything about you physically as well as all of your experiences. 

Expansion means that you gain the understanding that every authentic part of you has meaning and purpose. If your goal then on your physical life journey is to expand, you will only reach it by becoming willing to be completely authentic. 

You have become quite adept at keeping certain aspects of yourself private or secret from others, but that is also quite impossible to hide from yourself. You can now use your moments of inauthenticity as a wake-up call and thus expand. These are the only choices.


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