None of this is new

May 18, 2022

None of this is new. You and your world have been on a spiral of restructuring for a while. And Roger has been aware but allowed his doubt to cloud his vision as most humans do.  

Yesterday we had him hear a recording of a live conversation from June 2021 where we told you all of the coming events. But because they had not yet occurred, many did not pay attention to our words, and the main person was Roger.

We are giving you this as an example you may use to examine yourself. Please notice the dates.  

July 2, 2019
Now you really can’t go back. We wanted you to begin there to allow this message to impact you and others more profoundly. We have given you several messages intimating that you can’t go back to who you used to be, but you gave it a cursory look and less than total acceptance of that thought, as do most humans. 

Yesterday, you took an action you were inspired to take several days ago and didn’t know why you felt so compelled to do it. While you were pleased with the results, you doubted them this morning. You also had a memory of an earlier message on skydiving. Put that message with this one, and you will know you can’t go back.  

August 24, 2016

Thinking of skydiving can provide you with a vivid example of what you have been up to in your life. While you have never personally done this, it is easy to imagine and visualize the feeling from what others have told you. 

There is typically a tremendous amount of fear, excitement, and trepidation. Then either through encouragement from others or a giant leap of faith, the skydiver will jump.

The exhilaration and profound sense of accomplishment is evident to even an observer. You have approached things that you desired to do in your life in this manner. When you acknowledge your own fear and hesitation before doing something, and the experience of that exhilaration and accomplishment you know you will feel begins to outweigh your uncertainty, you will do it.


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