The Importance of Your Birth is Before You Now

The importance of your birth is before you now. We are referring to your restructuring and that of your world, which you timed perfectly. It does not matter whether or not you accept our idea of the eternal nature of your being. You can use your current lifetime to bring illumination to this message and, once understood, will provide you and all others a way to live the life you wanted and continue your mission of ushering in a new world.

In the previous paragraph, you had some difficulty accepting your importance, and that has been your difficulty and your goal this lifetime. You intended to live a life of happiness, success, and prosperity, but you find yourself in the midst of a galactic shift, and then you ask yourself why? You chose the intention of your life before you were born. And the perfection of that was in your timing.

We mentioned yesterday that your memories frightened you because each of you has moments of certain things coming through that either cause you concern, worry, or fear. And those are the elements you knew would exist now, and if you were to accept what you remember that you intended to achieve in your life, you would succeed, and so will your world.

What you are remembering are all the aspects of yourself that you doubted and feared most of your life, but now you are more needed because of the fears you held for the essence of who you are is the balance your world wanted, and you will soon begin to realize more of your importance.

We gave you a message yesterday after Roger had completed the meeting with the first members of our program. Today’s message comes after he held the second meeting, and now he can also explain your importance, for he saw it emerge as did his due to his willingness to embody his memories, and you will do the same. We will continue with guidance, and you all will be fine.


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