You might listen more now

May 15, 2022

You might listen more now. We have said that you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world and your life. You exist in the world now to offer your gift to aid this restructuring, which is part of your evolutionary journey and that of your world. 

We also said significant events would move this progression along and that the United States would lead it. None of those words made sense to many of you two years ago, but you might notice it more now in your world. 

You’re moving through another astrological change that is affecting this galactic shift. It is also when more of you are meant to release your gifts. As we have always said, you each have one, but you might have judged it as Roger did, and we will begin with him.

We had him find a session that was not published where he was not hiding and where you can clearly see our delivery and the relevance to your world today. You are meant to follow his lead and own more of what you have provided to offer your world and cause an energetic change that will create that world we’ve always said you wanted to see. It is always in your hands. You will be fine. 

Here is the recording.


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