Things will go well

May 16, 2022

Things will go well. As you look at your world and life today, you might be tempted to think things are going in the wrong direction; however, you would be far from the truth. You are moving through a period of duality that is a necessary phase so that you might evolve and expand, as will your world. 

It is much easier when you place your faith in belief rather than in fear, but those imposters always exist, and it will be up to you to decide which reality you will believe in for yourself, your world, and others. The one you want is the one that feels the best to you. 

We have given you information to help you through this transition for the last dozen years or more, but we will take you to the one we gave you in 2013 as, again, we knew where you would be today. We hope we have stretched your imagination enough that you believe in yourself so much more, for that is the essence of the energy needed to shift the trajectory of your world, but your effort accelerates its pace. 

We will explain more in our live conversation today. You will be fine.

May 16, 2013
Regret and understanding do not exist together. Many subjective words are being used here to help you absorb the meaning. When you regret anything in your physical life experience, you also assume that something has gone wrong. 

It matters not if it is something that you did or said, something you believe was done to you, or the particular circumstances and situations you felt were out of your control. The result is still the same. You assume something has gone wrong; therefore, your life experience is wrong.

Understanding, on the other hand, is all that you ever seek. It is your ultimate goal during this lifetime. The process of seeking experience is what causes you to expand and evolve. When you gain that understanding, you also gain the wisdom and knowledge from all those things you were regretting, and when you receive that, there is no longer any need for regret.


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