Please stretch your imagination

May 14, 2022

Please stretch your imagination. You only experience anything in your life through the thoughts you choose to think, the vision you choose to utilize, and your willingness to become more as you intended.  

We did give you information for this day in 2012 that you would do well to utilize now, especially before our talk with you on Monday.

You have far more power than you have ever known, for it exists as we have always said in your thinking. You will be fine.  

May 14, 2012

Keep seeking your vision. At first, that statement may seem odd to you, but as you attempt to understand it, the relevance to your physical life experience will become apparent. Vision does not only refer to what you find with your physical eyes, but it comes to you in many different forms and through all of your physical senses. 

At times, your vision will be apparent because of what you feel emotionally. Other times it will appear to you in the form of what you consider to be instinct. There will be times when your physical vision will spark on something that causes you to experience inner vision. In any of those scenarios, the purpose is always to lead you to greater expansion. 


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