You will trust yourself more

May 13, 2022

You will trust yourself more. You came into the world to perform a mission to evolve and expand and become more of your true self. You orchestrated all the events that are occurring presently to help you achieve your goal.  

Along the way, you’ve become doubtful of that, especially as you examine your world; however, we assure you that you are here to accomplish good for yourself and your world; once you understand and accept your purpose, as you have difficulty with this, including Roger.

We had him look for the message on this date, which we said he would find in 2013 because we knew you would not be complete yet with your journey.  And the next couple of weeks might be a bit more trying for you, so it would be best if you would absorb the message that we left for you then.

You will begin to understand your purpose, and the more you become willing to accept it; you will see the results that manifest precisely in your world as you intended. We will give you more leading to Monday. 

May 13, 2013

There are no random events, and all events that show up in your physical life experience do so to help you on your journey of expansion. This is the most challenging concept for you to accept because when you are having an unpleasant event occur for you, it is much easier, so to speak, to cast blame or shift responsibility, and you do not want to think you were a cause. 

It would be helpful to shift your thinking to knowing that you, or your “Higher Self,” allowed these events to occur because they would cause your expansion. You always come to know this eventually; however, you will enable the wisdom and information you desired to come to you much quicker when you decide to embrace all events of your life and trust their integrity to cause your expansion. 

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