Decide who you want to be today

May 12, 2022

Decide who you want to be today. And we are giving you this message leading to our live talk with you on Monday. The energy of you deciding who you desire to be is so powerful that it will have the cumulative ability to shift your world in the way you intended.  

You are in the world now to experience this restructuring to aid its progression by becoming willing to acknowledge who you are, love yourself, and own what you desire to do in this lifetime. You have something that is not complete, something you have denied, something you had that you didn’t believe you could have accomplished, and now you can. And we would like for you to own that energy and yourself.  

We had Roger find a message from 2013. There was not one for 2012, as he suspected, because we knew where you would be now. When he looked at that message, which we will leave, he noticed that it also carried the logo of “Overcoming Everything,” which was the original name that he chose for the work that he was doing; however, he doubted that, and he was talked out of it just as you have been. 

Now’s the time to reverse that because your energy is needed in this world. We know you have difficulty understanding your significance and talent, but it is essential, meaningful, and needed in your world. You will be fine. 

May 12, 2013

There is nothing you have to do and many things you want to do, and you would do well to know what belief you are using in your physical life experience. This is such a fundamental concept that it escapes your awareness. 

It would help you to think back on your early years as a child. Whenever you were told there was something you had to do, you could literally feel a drop in your energy and, many times, even a sense of rebellion. Then when you think back on those things you wanted to do, you feel an increased surge of energy and excitement, and you know you could do anything. This is merely a reflection of your innate desire to express your free will of choice. 

You have placed all the things you think you have to do upon yourself and have inadvertently sapped your own energy. When you begin to know the difference and decide first to do the things you want to do, you will be amazed at how much energy you will manifest to do everything.


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