Vulnerability is your gift

May 11, 2022

Vulnerability is your gift. You come to the world to offer yourself, which is your gift. However, you have judged some of you as not being appropriate, suitable, or needed in your world, which results in the world you see today and the condition of your life. 

We advised Roger yesterday to create something that would benefit him and all of you, and he will do that later today. We also advised him to create a live conversation for us this coming Monday as your world will be moving through more events, and you were meant to release your judgments of yourself to be ready to create the life you always intended.

Yes, you are here now in the world because you wanted to be because you knew this restructuring would help you create the life you wanted; however, your judgment of yourself has held you back.

We will give you the message that we gave you on this calendar date in the year 2012 so that you can make more connections, and hopefully, as we attempted yesterday, you will suspend a bit more of your disbelief of you and us. 

May 11, 2012

Creating is always fun when you approach it in that manner. In other words, the entire process of creating anything physical involves you accepting the process of expanding.

When you hold any trepidation before you begin, you halt that expansion even before it starts. If you question whether what you are attempting is good enough or offers any contribution, you impose self-limitations that cause the entire process to become laborious. 

You would do well then to hold in mind that you will throw caution to the wind and embark on your journey with the intention of having fun and a new glorious adventure.


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