Disbelief is your only challenge

May 10, 2022

Disbelief is your only challenge. You are born into the world with the ability to create and manifest anything that you desire, but you start to have fear and doubt along the way.  You hold the fear and doubt because you’re constantly moving into an unknown place of your experience and your world. However, you are doing it at the time that would best serve your evolution.

We said you’re moving through a restructuring. And we also said that we gave you everything you needed to know to aid you during this time; however, that disbelief was so strong even for Roger that this morning he doubted us when we said we gave you a message appropriate for today on this date in 2012.  

He hesitated to look, and as he did, he knew what we meant precisely. He also had another healing that he’s done many times in his life, but he will not speak of it yet because he, like you, will wait for proof and confirmation before he is willing to express it.

We will say that the more you become eager to express your thoughts, the easier it will be for them to manifest. We will leave that message but remember you will be fine. 

May 10, 2012

Knowing is indeed a destination and one at which you always desire to arrive. You might think of it as a state of knowing. When you are in that state, you experience complete wholeness and peace, for you trust all that is occurring in your physical life experience, knowing it is leading you always to expansion as you intended. 

When you hold this state of knowing, even in situations and circumstances that you would call difficult, you know they will pass, and you will have greater awareness, knowledge, and wisdom. When you seek to find this state of knowledge in your every moment of now, you also allow your innate abilities to come through, and you simply go about creating.


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