Holding regret is counterproductive

May 9, 2022

Holding regret is counterproductive. You each come into the world with a mission that you set for yourself or something you wanted to achieve or accomplish. But you do not always do that because of the fear and doubt that you encounter along the way.  

Then you come to a place where you understand what you were given that you did not utilize, and you will be tempted to experience regret. And that keeps your energy in the exact place where you are, which was not your intention.

As you live this life, you want to evolve, and evolution means that you take a step and then assimilate the new wisdom and information you gain from taking that step. You will be tempted to experience regrets when you notice what you have missed; however, seeing what you missed gives you wisdom, and accumulated wisdom is what you all desire.

Yesterday we had Roger revisit several things. He finally understood what we had given him in our program, which he doubted as you have questioned something within you. Then he experienced tremendous regret. He sent a message and video about that experience.  

Again, that is wasted time. As your world progresses, so do each of you, and so does he. We have given him several messages of starting again, meaning that you will have a new awareness, you utilize that, and now you create the life that you want. It was not accidental that today Roger is beginning a new vision that will encapsulate everything we have given you. You will be fine. 


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