It was time for you to know

May 8, 2022

It was time for you to know. We said those words to Roger when we woke him at 4 a.m. to give you all this message. As we have also said, you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world. So naturally, it would be occurring in each of you. Some of you might even feel it in your physical bodies since they are changing as well, as you are all ascending as your world. 

Roger has a habit of denying what he has been given, as you have done. And this time in your world was meant to awaken you and hopefully alleviate your restrictions from becoming the best people you could be in this life.  

Yesterday Roger began writing his mini-biography. He thought mindlessly; it was not that. We directed it, and then this morning, we had him go to a video of a recording of his Akashic record reading in December. Everything we have said about our program was validated in that video, and he couldn’t see it before as you have not seen what is within you or embraced your gift.

Recognizing what he possessed and the value it held he could not embrace brought him to tears.  Then, there was a video discussion with the client on the same subject who spoke of her results, and Roger expressed his doubt. You each have done that.

Now is the time, especially this weekend, when you’re meant to let that go. We advised Roger to create a little video to expose himself and become vulnerable, as you might do as well.  Now is when you let go of your restrictions, let go of your denial of who you are, and finally decide to do so; you can ascend to be that person you were meant to be in this world and aid your world in doing that. You will be fine.


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