Your Memories Have Frightened You

Your memories have frightened you. We are giving you information that will feel like a sense of relief for some of you, and to others, it will serve as inspiration.

You each come into the world with things you desire to achieve or accomplish. You don’t typically hold conscious awareness of what those things might be, but as you live your life, you begin to have glimpses, as we have called them, or memories of which you do not know their origin. Those memories are the ones you were born with and meant to realize during your life.

Many of you have feared those memories which would explain your inaction in the past. But now, due to this restructuring in which you agreed to participate, you are remembering more.

We had Roger receive that information, and then we told him to wait and do the Zoom session with the members of the Four Weeks program, for it would provide more significant proof of what we had said to each of you. We will have it published if only for you to hear one person remark that they studied with Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks, and others, but this was much faster for them. They did ten days in a night as they wanted to catch up. Roger didn’t trust that result could have come through something he did, as you have doubted your gifts and talent.

We are giving you this information for we want more of you to remember, and then you will create the life and world you desired, and you all will be fine.


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