Resistance will not serve you now

May 2, 2022

Resistance will not serve you now. We wanted to give you this message to prepare you for what is coming in your world. Actually, we gave you the preparation many years ago. Still, many of you have difficulty believing that, as you have had trouble believing why you are on the planet at this time.  

We will tell you it is because you wanted to change, become more, and live a happy and successful life. But you’ve also had difficulty accepting yourself. That is part of evolution and what every human will move through.  

However, you exist at a time now that is more accelerated, more challenging, but potentially more beneficial for you if you understand what is occurring.  

We will leave the message we gave you on this date in 2013 because we are still stretching your imagination to believe that we have provided you with something and that you came into the world with something you were meant to do. It is before you now, and we will continue to aid you. You will be fine. 

May 2, 2013

Being comfortable was never a goal you sought, and being uncomfortable can also feel good when you know what you are up to.

Many times you seek the feeling or experience of being comfortable in your life and surroundings, which can also be a response to some particular fear or desire to not move into any unknown territory. 

Any movement you make toward your expansion can feel uncomfortable, for it is that unknown but, in a sense, necessary when you want to continue on your path of evolving and expanding.

A more worthy goal then would be to seek to become comfortable in your uncomfortableness. This feeling is to genuinely become willing to move beyond any fear, which is expansion.  

Wilhelm’s Pathway to Self-Actualization.

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