There is only way for you to become happy and successful

May 1, 2022

There’s only one way for you to become happy and successful. And that is to become yourself ultimately.

You each come into the world with a blueprint of what you are meant to do, accomplish, and give back to the world. And it is uniquely yours to give. But you will often judge yourself for what you believe you have to offer or what you might think is your gift. And that is what Roger has done.

We had a live conversation yesterday, and the title was “Allow Yourself to Become Successful.”  He didn’t know precisely why we were doing that, but it was so that he could allow himself to become successful. We had him look back to where we had given him this message in 2013 to make him aware that he, too, had a plan that he was meant to follow as you are.  

This morning we had him find another message that we gave you all in “Your Life Operating Instructions.” It explains his challenge and probably will yours as well.

You are at a place in your life now where you’re meant to move beyond the limitations and restrictions that you have placed upon yourself.   

From  “Your Life Operating Instructions.”Y

“Your truth is valuable, will always be underestimated by you, and is never static as long as you are in physical form.Truth is what you have come to believe is true about your human experience. You form this truth through your experiences.

Your truth is not developed through intellectual learning, for that does provide you with knowledge, but truth gained through experiences provides you with wisdom.

Since what has now become your truth is known to you, it does not seem so valuable because you take it for granted, which is why you underestimate it.

Your truth constantly changes as you have more experiences, so it is never static.When you attempt to notice the value of your truth, you will be inspired to give it away to receive even more.” 

A replay of “Allow Yourself to Become Successful.”


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