You are the one who’s being restructured

May 3, 2022

You are the one who’s being restructured. For more than two years, we have said that your world is moving through a grand restructuring, but you are the one who creates your world and, therefore, the world at large.

The challenge that you each will experience is one that seems a bit ridiculous to you, but it is the one that you wanted to experience. And that is becoming your complete and whole self.

You have resisted becoming yourself out of fear.  While that statement may not make sense to you at the moment, it is the one that will be revealed to you soon. As your world continues to move in its new direction, as we said, you’re creating new earth; you will find yourself pushed to change even more. But that change is about loving yourself and moving into who you were meant to be.  

You each were born with that gift inside of you meant to manifest, and the time is now. You knew that if you were on the earth at this time, becoming who you wanted to become would help your world. The friction, struggle, and chaos that the world is experiencing will accelerate a bit, but if you decide to own who you are now, you inject energy to balance things out and perform your restructuring and aid your world.  

We know that this has been challenging for many of you; however, once you take that first step into your new direction because that’s what it is, you’ll find yourself flying.

You were each given something that could cause your life to be magnificent if you were willing to own it, acknowledge it, and move with it. This time in your world is helping you accomplish your goal. You will be fine. 

Wilhelm’s Pathway to Self-Actualization.

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