Welcome to Your New Self

Welcome to your new self. While the human date of this day does not hold any more significance than any other day, it does contain more significance today, for you are in the process of restructuring yourself through evolution. You decided to be alive now because you knew that if you were to actualize yourself at this specific time in your world’s time trajectory, you would cause the world you wanted to see manifest right before your eyes.

It would work in that manner, but the only challenge you have had is believing in your ability to add anything to the mix that would make a difference, and that is where you are wrong. We knew you might have felt that way which is why we had Roger schedule our conversations during this month as we will provide more guidance.

We had used the idea of patience throughout our work and philosophy because it is the only proven method that your world could utilize to produce the results you all desire even when you did not know that or understand your part in it. Still, your contribution was essential, or you wouldn’t be here. We said these talks would help you build your new life because we also know that is the only manner you will build your new world. We will aid you, and you will be fine.


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