It is you who must change

April 20, 2022

It is you who must change. As we have mentioned, it would be difficult not to notice the restructuring of your world, which again is you. 
Nothing happens accidentally, and you want to change because you might live the life you always intended. 

Last night while working on a promotion, Roger had to review much of the work he’s put in his program, which he has doubted. We told him to find the message we gave in 2012, and he has not followed our advice completely today. 

Please use this message for yourself, and hopefully, Roger will do the same. 

“Only you can guide and direct your physical life experience. While that statement may seem a bit simplistic to you, it often escapes your awareness. You will consider what you believe others may desire of you or what others may think of you, but only you can allow any of that to affect your experience.

You would do well to consider first what you desire to do or be, how that leads to your own expansion while in physical form, and then act on that.

You only feel helpless, victimized, or depressed when you momentarily forget who directs your life journey. This is not to say that others will not have any influence on what you do, but it is only you who chooses what you do.”


“Conversations with Wilhelm”, April, 23, 2022

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