You will never be the same

April 18, 2022

You will never be the same. Today’s message will be pretty different, and it will be revealing for you and Roger. It will also require him to be vulnerable, which he has come to accept as a part of his purpose this lifetime. The message is lengthy, and you are not reading it accidentally. 

Yesterday out of his frustration to explain to his family and friends what was occurring in the world, we had him sit and make a short timeline of his life journey with us and his difficulties. Last night, he sent the document to them, which was healing for him. 

Here is part of the email he sent: “I know the world is confusing to most but not to me. That doesn’t make sense, I’m sure, and it didn’t to me either, and I’ve hidden all this for years. After a conversation with Terry and then Rita, I thought I would put a few things in the attached document that demonstrates how long I’ve known and that I do know my “problem.” Everyone has always thought it was money, but it was fear.” Now you know why we had him write the book.

The document’s title was, “Here’s why I know what’s happening in the world and why I have no money.” You each will place yourselves in family situations and collect friends that you may not at first understand why, but we assure you it was all divinely planned, and eventually, you figure it out. We will have him attach the document, and while it is uncomfortable for him, it will still be healing and helpful for you all. Untitled document.edited (2).docx

We have said you were moving through a major restructuring in your world. You exist at an extraordinary time in your world to affect change and usher in a new world that would be much more to your liking. If you were to do your part and decide to actualize who you were and add your energy to the collective, that in time will manifest something far different than what you are experiencing. 

We informed you all and Roger that he had ancient memory during our live conversations, which was challenging for him to accept. Then we had him have Akashic records reading last year where there was more confirmation. The reader even mentioned that he was given an operating system but believing his attachment to Egypt was still challenging. 

Months ago, we mentioned Roger stumbled upon a work called the Kybalion, which he had not heard of before but felt its resonance because it was pretty similar to ours. Yet he never investigated the author, but this morning we led him to an audiobook by the author called “Thought Vibration,” and we’ll leave a link as it will reinforce belief for you all, and don’t miss the comments from the listeners. It is fun.

Before that, we had him hear an explanation of his channeling, which he could not have explained as Roger has never studied the academics of this which do exist as your science continues to learn more about the nature of reality and human existence. This is something Roger has never been able to explain, and we will leave that link as well, “The Channeling State, Spiritual Intelligence.” If you wonder how Roger might have moved along this path, remember that we have given him over 10,000 messages. 

Those who might listen and have heard our live sessions will notice the correlation. We said the first decades of Roger’s life were moving through these stages of ascension so that he might be clear now for this restructuring, and it was his dharma. 

His ADHD was not accidental, as we told him about it years before, but he could not have known that as it served a purpose for him and you. He did not discover he possessed this “ability” until 2020, when we began preparing you for this restructuring. When he had the help of medication, his connection to us became more robust, and with his work, he will again move to the place of needing nothing physical to continue his expansion.

Finally, we have had him talk about money because that is another part of this restructuring. We have always said it would be a shift in income and wealth inequality that has existed for eons. We told Roger to take our product off the market today for it will not have the impact we intended at that price point. Before that, we had him send a broadcast that he thought was for you, but it was for him. “You might have created a masterpiece but didn’t know it.” He has.

While still in this dimension, humans place more value on the material, so we want him to work with those ready to make a difference and have the resources to do so, for that will foster more significant change in your world. 

We told him to have a channeling session this Saturday as it will be another time where providing guidance will be helpful for all. Roger wants us to apologize for the length of this message, and we are not because we know how important it is for him and some of you. You will be fine. We’ll give him the content later, but you can register now.

Roger again didn’t want to impose, but we will. We told him to find the message we gave you on this date in 2012, and it is what we want him and you to do now, for you will accelerate your evolution and expansion and that of your world. 

April 18, 2012

There is always a way for you to accomplish anything you desire to be, do, have, or manifest, and your job is to allow that way to come to you. When you accept the belief that there is no way, you will not see it, and you also halt your own expansion.

This is the process you decided to begin on your physical life journey, for it is the only way that you evolve or expand as you intended. It may be helpful for you to think of all the past times in your history when that way seemed impossible, and then miraculously, it was revealed to you. In actuality, it was not miraculous, but a natural turn of events.


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