Judgment is your only problem

April 17, 2022

Judgment is your only problem. When we use the word judgment, it means the value judgments humans place on anything that labels them either good or bad. You always exist in a limited state of awareness, so you can’t know that in your current moment of consciousness. 

You will judge yourself as wrong and therefore manifest difficulties in your life. Or you will judge others as wrong and manifest wars in your world. You are in the world now to change that dynamic. The first place to begin is to stop judging yourself, for that is the source of your challenges.

We knew this message would be compelling for this weekend as you have pulled together various religious celebrations and recognitions worldwide, so you might begin to notice the contradiction in your world that has always existed. Still, the purpose of this restructuring which you all desired, was to manifest a new world that would contain less of your judgment.

The place to begin contributing what you intended to the world is to give up your self-judgment. When Roger heard our recording of the channeling session yesterday, he immediately recognized that his self-judgment had manifested difficulties in his life. He couldn’t own his gift of receiving us because he judged himself as you have done to yourself. 

Our work has always been to encourage each of you to eliminate all forms of judgment. Instead, choose your preferences of how you want to live and give that permission to all others, and you will have less war within yourself and the world. It will be a while, but we will continue to offer guidance, and you will be fine. 




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