You also wanted courage

April 16, 2022

You also wanted courage. The current conditions in your world provide ample opportunities to develop that strength and courage if you choose. We even told you the best way to accomplish your goal in 2012. 

Roger has finally come to believe that we did give you everything then, and we hope it fosters more belief in you. 

You will find many correlations in the specific dates as we wanted you each to recognize the importance of your existence in the world at this time, for you are that, and synchronicities awaken your memory.

April 23, 2012

Whenever you use an excuse to explain your behavior, you have also chosen to put up a barrier or block your own expansion. You may seek to try and find examples where this may not be true; however, after close examination, you will be hard-pressed to do so.

Any excuse then becomes your reason for not choosing to find a way, or solution. Or to make something possible, which is precisely expansion.

The moment you become willing to own your worth, value, and inherent gifts, you no longer need excuses.

Eliminating or not making any excuses involves the development or recognition of your inherent courage and strength.


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