Your life will change the world

June 10, 2024

Your life will change the world. That was why you were born and that change will occur when you can accept and embody the message we provided last year. You can receive it today.

June 10, 2023

Self-acceptance is evolution. Please give this message some consideration to absorb its wisdom before our live conversation with you tomorrow. The self of which we speak is your authentic self and the part you accepted from all that is or God to bring to the physical plane during this restructuring to aid your planet’s ascension.

We are speaking to you; otherwise, you would not be reading our words, for you have never been in an accidental place, and your existence at this time was not random. What you hold inside will allow you to evolve when you accept your worth and value, and we have given you the messages to spur your memory of your importance.

While you might have judged yourself, your life, and your world until now, you will begin to gain a greater understanding of our message from 2012. Your essence and value were necessary for your world to evolve.

June 10, 2012

The process of evolving will always contain some reflection on your part. During those periods of reflection, it is inevitable that you will also experience self-judgment. When you can take that self-judgment and turn it into gratitude, you have also accelerated your evolvement.

This process means that you understand what you think of as your mistakes, even the ones you repeat or what you would term poor choices; all of them are part of the process, and it would not be possible for you to truly evolve or expand without them.

It is also far easier to recognize this when you are out of those particular periods and can identify your new and greater awareness.


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Here’s the session.

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