You are more now

June 11, 2024

You are more now. We are speaking of your process of evolution and the message we provided last year on this date.

You will be surprised by its accuracy today, but that is also the perfection of the universe and you. The recording will be far more impactful today.

June 11, 2023

You are more than enough. That underlying feeling you have had most of your life that told you something different was incorrect. You are meant to evolve and expand while you are in physical form, so when you feel the old programming and thoughts that gave you an imprint of inferiority in any way, that is what you want to uncover to change.

You chose the perfect time to do so. It is your restructuring and also your planetary ascension. We provided a message on this date ten years ago.

Please do your best to absorb the following information now, for it will aid your understanding and acceptance later.

June 11, 2013

You always have an underlying feeling that somehow you are not enough. This belief is the feeling you knew you would have before you came into physical form, and you also knew the feeling itself would be purposeful, for it would motivate you to become more or to expand.

You experience difficulty when you attempt to pretend the feeling does not exist or you attempt to hide it. When you try to hide it, you give the feeling more energy, cause it to grow, and begin to think this is who you are. How you change this is to embrace that feeling fully and use it for your benefit.

You can then acknowledge that you have the feeling because you are about to experience, own, and know your magnificence. Anything less than this causes you to fear your physical life experience. The irony is that you can become more when you can own not being enough.


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