You will experience more comfort today

June 9, 2024

You will experience more comfort today. We have always been with you, but you require linear time to hear us and your guides.

The message we provided on this date last year will make sense today. You have always been loved.

June 9, 2023

Nothing has ever gone wrong in your life or world. We know that statement might be challenging for many of you to accept, but that is the reason you are having a restructuring. And your world took another step yesterday, and the results will be seen by all of you soon.

However, we want you to understand the message we provided in 2012 because that was the beginning of the guidance we wanted you to have so that you could live your best life.

Choose to love who you are and offer your essence to the world. Our only desire was for you to understand your importance, but your planet needs you to realize that now so that the energies might be shifted and you all create the world you desire.

June 9, 2012

You never intended to attempt to be all things to all people, even yourself. In other words, when you decided to have a physical life journey, you knew that focusing on the internal knowledge of what you were destined to do would offer you the most excellent opportunity to accomplish your desired expansion.

It would help if you merely examined past attempts in your life experience where you attempted to wander from that path with disappointing results and a lack of fulfillment. When you become more aware of the area that provides you with the greatest satisfaction in your life, you also know that is where you desire to focus.


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